The Golden Triangle

Trail Updates

Swan Hills Update - Feb 19
Got a fresh dump of snow over the weekend with the forecast for more this week, so the trails are hanging in there. Our Rally is a GO for the 25th.
Whitecourt Rally Cancelled
Sad to report that the Whitecourt Great Canadian 150 Rally is cancelled. Unfortunately this is the second year in a row that very poor snow conditions have cancelled the Family Day weekend Rally. Boo global warming... We are holding out hope for some snow for the planned March 4 and 5th Golden Triangle Ride. Do the snow dance and stay tuned!
Swan Hills Update - Feb 3,2017
Getting some more snow, little bits at a time, 1-2 ft towards Fox Creek, 6-12 in towards Whitecourt. Trails are open but not groomed yet. Tried with the snowcat, just not enough white stuff yet. We have been out clearing the trails, towards Whitecourt is done, will work on Fox Creek side in next 2 weeks. Don
Jan 28 Whitecourt
Still no fresh snow in Whitecourt area. Trails are very rough with numerous natural hazards. Staging Areas remain closed.
Whitecourt Jan 19
There's very little snow in the Whitecourt area. No grooming, no fun.
Swan Hills Update - Jan 9,2017
Good news - We finally have enough snow cover to go out with the snowcat and do some trail clearing and snow filling of the creeks. We have gone both south and west for about 20kms. Out to letter A and down to letter Q. We will try and get some more done by the weekend. Keep in touch. Don
Whitecourt Area Jan 4,2017
Happy New Year! Very light snow cover on the Whitecourt trails. Trails and Staging Areas are not open yet as we need another foot of snow. Many hazards exist including tire ruts, sticks, and rocks. Do the snow dance!
Swan Hills Update - Mar 25,2016
We are getting snow, 6 in this past week, trails are in good shape still. We finished the cat work on the trail between letter B & C without having to plow the snow off. The cats walked in and double tracked on the way out so its pretty good yet. The creek work is finshed and turn signs are up ready for next year. I ran across fellow sledders on the weekend heading to Fox Creek. Keep on riding as conditions are really good . Don
Whitecourt March 22
Staging Areas and trail system were closed last week. Hope for more snow next year.
Swan Hills - Mar 10
Got some more fresh snow this past weekend, trails are still in good shape. Groomer was out on portion of trail towards Fox Creek, Letter B. We will be doing some cat work at a creek crossing sometime next week - Mar 14-18, between Letter B & C. The creek has eroded away part of the trail. We need to get in there while the roads are still freezing at nite. Unfortunately this means plowing the snow off the trail to get in there. So after this weekend the trail will be closed between B & C. Keep on Riding. Don
Feb 29 Whitecourt update
A few inches of fresh snow overnight. Trails will still be icy as snow levels are still well below normal. Use caution as still not enough snow to groom properly. Watch for trees down from the recent winds.
Swan Hills Update - Feb 16
Went out on Sunday 14th to Letter D on Swan Hills to Fox Creek trail. Cleaned all deadfall. Stopped @ Harolds Hut. Nice tribute guys. Job well done and well deserved. About 4-6 in of fresh snow, trail is in great shape. Checked portion of trail between Letter P & Q on Feb 12. Cleaned up what was down. Forecast is for more snow this coming week. Get out and ride. Thats all for now, Don
Feb 15 Whitecourt area
A little dusting of snow recently but not enough to groom the trails. Trails are still icy and bare in many spots.
Swan Hills Update - Feb 11
Trails are hanging in there despite the warm weather. Getting some fresh snow last nite & today. Groomer should be out for the weekend. Rally is still a go for the 20th. Call Don for more info @ 780-333-2800
Whitecourt Feb 1
The Triangle trail between Carson shelter L and Letter O has been cleaned. Not enough snow to fill creek crossings though. That section of trail may not see the groomer unless more snow falls. Watch for logging activity in that area too.
Industry work
Watch for seismic work on the Whitecourt/Fox Creek leg and logging on the Whitecourt/Swan Hills leg. Warning signs are to be visible.
Whitecourt Jan 20
Still hoping for some fresh snow around Whitecourt. Trails are rough. Section M to O going north to Swan Hills still has some leaners and will be cleaned up asap before the groomer heads up there. Ride Safe!
Swan Hills Update - Jan 18
Snow Cat has been thru to Letter D this last weekend so all trails on this side have been cleaned and smoothed out. Grooming will commence with further snowfalls. Trail is in good shape for the lack of snow this season. For more info call Don @ 78-333-2800
trail boss
All trails on the Fox Creek side have been groomed. Please use EXTREME caution at all water crossings. Also anywhere there are caution signs it really means caution this year as there is not much snow.
Swan Hills - Jan 13
Swan Hills to Letter O has been cleaned & gone over with snowcat to fill in the creek crossings & smooth out the rough spots. We will start grooming when we get more snow. Swan Hills to Letter D will be gone over with the snowcat tomorrow to fill in creeks & smooth things out. No new snow for last couple of weeks so we're going to have to try a new dance step or two. Call Don for current trail updates @ 780-333-2800
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