The Golden Triangle

2021 & 2022 SEASON — Come explore the Golden Triangle

The 350km Golden Triangle Trail connects the communities of Whitecourt, Fox Creek and Swan Hills. The trail consists of varied terrain with warm-up shelters located throughout the trail system.  COME check out the award winning trails that will provide hours of enjoyment and allow you to get out in our winter wonderland.

We recommend riding the Triangle between Feb 1 and Mar 30 of the sledding season.    PLEASE NOTE: Certain portions may or may not be cleaned or groomed, as well, please beware of daily hazards of trees and debris that have fallen and may impede crossing.     We will make every effort to advise you the status of our trail conditions weekly.  Thank you for riding the Golden Triangle.


A big thank you to our annual major sponsors for the Golden Triangle upgrades, trail maintenance and grooming.  Please also click on links below for more information on the trails and communities involved.