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Congratulations to our 2022 Iron Sledder Challenge Champions. These riders rode in 3 of the Golden Triangle Rallies – Whitecourt, Fox Creek and Swan Hills and then chose to ride in a rally of the their choice in Alberta. Congratulations to you all, it’s not easy getting to 4 rallies in a season. Thank you for participating in our rallies and we look forward to hosting a similar challenge next year.
Thank you to our Sled Clubs – Swan Hills Snow Goers, Whitecourt Trailblazers and Fox Creek Northland Sno-Goers for all of your hard work with trails and events this year. Thank You to our Sponsors – Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 Town of Fox Creek Big Lakes County Swan Hills Snow-Goers Town of Whitecourt Woodlands County Whitecourt Tourism

The Golden Triangle – 2022 Iron Sledder Challenge. Join us this winter in participating in all 3 of the Rallies on the Golden Triangle and then you get to pick 1 other ASA Rally in Alberta and you will become an IRON SLEDDER (You must show proof of registration at an ASA Rally – picture of registration. Please register at one of first 2 Rallies – Fox Creek or Whitecourt and we will keep track for you.  There will be a sign up sheet at the Rally and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message us or you can speak with the organizers at the Rallies.  This is a promotion to celebrate sledding on the Golden Triangle but also sledding in Alberta.  Are you the next Iron Sledder?  For more information please contact Cindy @jcbbrook@gmail.


Golden Triangle Iron Sledder Challenge
Congratulations to our Golden Sledder Winners


The 2022 Golden Triangle Iron Sledder Challenge was introduced this winter, which offered bragging rights in the contest to ride 3 of the Golden Triangle Rallies and 1 additional Alberta Snowmobile Rally in 2022.  The contest was started with cash prizes and incentives to become the next Iron Sledder.  To participate in 4 snowmobile rallies is a great feat in one winter.   

Congratulations to the the following riders who registered and have rode in all 3 GT rallies so far.  They are Golden Sledders and will have their names in the draw for $250.00 and a “Golden Sledder” medal awarded to them if they do not complete the 4th rally.  In addition, if they ride in another ASA Sanctioned Rally, they will be awarded the Iron Sledder Award with a chance to win $1000 and will also receive a medal for their overall accomplishment:

Tim Lewis
Tina Lewis
Cynthia Rougoor
Steven Cosnick
Kendall Mercer
Graham Jensen
Clayton Taylor
Harold Taylor
Dusty Langley
Dave McLean
Lisa Mclean
Dale Tonsi
Mel Tonsi 
We are cheering you all on and hope you are able to complete the 4th Rally this month.  Please stay tuned and we will update you at the end of the month on the winner and the status of the group.  

(If you have rode in all 3 rallies and you did not register or your name has been missed, please contact us and we will update the list).  Please email jcbbrook@gmail.com for more information.  

The Golden Triangle donated $250 to each of the rallies on the Golden Triangle and a name was drawn at each rally for this money.  Everyone’s name who participated in the rally was added to the draw.  The following is a list of winners from each of the rallies:

Fox Creek – Mike Young
Whitecourt – Jason Ferguson
Swan Hills – Nick Hopp

Thank you to everyone who started in the Challenge and for whatever reason was unable to continue, please try again next year!  We have had fun sharing this challenge.  Best of luck to all the above Golden Sledders.