The Golden Triangle

Whitecourt Trail Report – February 10, 2022

Our trails are holding up very well despite the warm weather, winds and rain. We have a very good base and they are definitely rideable. We have had numerous reports of great riding on the Golden Triangle connectors both North and North East sections. In addition, snow to the south is plentiful.
Hazards: Please do not use the Golden Triangle Trail from the Gundy Cabin to #8 (Hwy 32) due to construction and an open creek. There are signs and fencing in place to protect you from entering a pipeline construction site. There are 5 crossings that are being worked on in that area. Stay off the trail! We have had reports of numerous sledders entering that trail section. The trail was not cleaned or groomed and is rough. Please use the alternate route from Carson Cabin to Athabasca Lookout to the Casino, Chickadee Creek and Manweiler to Virginia Hills. PS: We are hearing there is great riding up that way. There are 3 other crossings that are completed, but still have signage to slow down. Please follow the signs for your protection – they are rough and may have little snow. Thank you to the contractors who are putting snow on the crossing and packing it down. With the warm weather, the snow may be limited on those crossings, but rideable – please take extra caution and slow down. Please be very cautious on all water bodies (large and small). The River crossings are at your own risk, our trail ends at the banks.

Staging Areas: Groat Creek Staging and Eagle River Staging

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