Whitecourt -Trail Report – January 18, 2023

We are sledding, despite no sizeable amounts of snow since Christmas.  Trails are holding up.  There are some bare spots and early riding conditions.  Trails have not been groomed for a few weeks, but definitely rideable.  The south side the worst section is getting to the airport, but beyond that you can get to the south side easily.  The north side people have been riding, again there are some bare spots.  The cats were out early in December and with the rain that month, the trails have a very good base and are holding up.  We do not recommend riding to the Gundy Cabin as we mowed the trail and it is rough – we need more snow in that area.  We have not filled or groomed the Golden Triangle connector to Swan Hills, due to lack of snow.   

Staging Areas: Both staging areas are open. 

Hazards:  Please be cautious of lower snow levels on the trails due to ruts; they can be rough riding.  Large water bodies are not frozen.  Please be cautious for signage and re-routing on the trails in the north and the south this coming winter.  We have made many changes with flattening some hills, widening, mowing and mulching various trails.  Multiple re-routing/bypasses have been completed; please watch for signs or ribboning.  Please stay on trails due to logging in areas. 

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