Merry Xmas to All – Trail Update

Merry Xmas to all!!
Updated Trail Report for

Whitecourt – Received about 3″ of fresh snow. Groat Creek staging area is open. South side is groomed. Summit trail to Tom Hill has not been filled or groomed. Snow levels are 6-12″. North side has not been filled or groomed. Staging area is closed. We are waiting for more snow in the north about 4-6″ of snow (prior to snow yesterday).

Fox Creek – Trails have not been groomed, hoping to get out when it warms up.

Swan Hills – about 12″ of snow, no filling or grooming yet

If you get out know that we have early sledding conditions, so areas may be rough. Take caution on all water bodies as creeks have not been filled in. All we want for Xmas is SNOW!!

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