Whitecourt – Trail Report December 28, 2022

We received about 3″ of fresh snow the past couple of days.  We have about 7-12″ in various areas on the trails in the north and south.  Both of the Staging areas are open and we are hoping to have them graded for the weekend.  

Trail Maintenance/Filling:  South Trails: All trails have been filled except the trail from south of the Summit Cabin (Summit Trail) to Tom Hill Tower area. North: Trails to the Carson Cabin have been filled and filling creeks and ruts on the Gundy Trail and Pipeline Hill.  

Grooming:  The South Side has been groomed Summit to the Summit Cabin, Bessie, Manweiler and Goodwin Trails.  Groat Creek staging area, Groat Creek Canyon Trail and to the Summit/Tom Hill connector.  It will be groomed from the Gun Range past the Airport trails. North Side – No grooming due to lack of snow, but we will start grooming when we have finished filling the north.  Please beware of snow-cats on the trails, we work 24-7.     

Hazards:  Please be cautious of lower snow levels on the trails due to ruts; they can be rough riding.  Large water bodies are not frozen.  Please be cautious for signage and re-routing on the trails in the north and the south this coming winter.  We have made many changes with flattening some hills, widening, mowing and mulching various trails.  Multiple re-routing/bypasses have been completed; please watch for signs or ribboning.  Please stay on trails as there has been recent logging in a few areas and that means stumps and bumps.    Lots of work has been completed this year on our trails, a big thank you to all the crews and their efforts.  During the week between Christmas and New Years, we have a mower on the north side – Gundy trail, so take caution on that trail section.

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